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Creating opportunities in the Alternative Energy and Environment sectors for First Nation Communities,Band Members, and Indigenous Businesses.


About Us


FIND is majority Indigenous owned and operated. With over 80 years combined knowledge of the Waste and Alternative Energy, Oilfield and Drilling, and Environment and Recycling sectors, FIND’s team is dedicated to the mission statement.


Biomass Initiative

There are many technologies today that can make use of woody biomass. Pellets, Gas, and Bio-char are a few products that help reduce the carbon footprint. 

FIND will transfer the knowledge of how to plant, grow, harvest, and process the trees into the required material for the technology and marketable products.

FIND’s focus is to offer these opportunities to First Nations across Canada. The Indigenous People are the true Stewards of the Land and should have the first right to these opportunities that will give their Nation and members generational benefits.

Afforestation Initiative

FIND Biomass' Strategic Plan of high yield afforestation using hybrid poplar contributes to carbon sequestration and is a nature-based climate solution both of which are consistent with Canada's strategy of achieving net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050 which assist to meet the GHG reduction goals of FIND Biomass and Canada's 2 Billion Tree Program.


FIND Biomass' goal over the next 10 years is to supply, plant, manage, and monitor the growth of over 40,000,000 fast growing poplar trees in Alberta. This would forest 27,000 hectares of public and private lands in Alberta and Western Canada.

The fast-growing hybrid poplars selected can grow 10 times faster than a natural forest and sequester up to 10 times more carbon.




Hybrid Poplar Propagation Field

In 2020, FIND began with 4 species of Hybrid Popular for a total of 65,000 cuttings from Natural Resource Canada’s Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) for the start of a propagation operation. Today we have over 11 species of hybrid poplar with the capacity of 750,000 cuttings annually.


The trees will be supplied for afforestation and reforestation projects for land remediation, reclamation of orphan wells, natural wind shelter, erosion reduction, etc. and to start plantations for continuous bio-mass supply for alternative energy projects. 

The Propagation Field is located north of the small Hamlet Kinuso, Alberta. The nursery will create full times jobs for 8-10 indigenous and non indigenous people. The new opportunities with the plantations and other projects will require additional training and more employment focused towards local First Nation and Metis.

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Landfill Diversion and Bio-Mass Project 

FIND has support from clients to be the supplier of biomass material for proposed alternative energy projects. The biomass can consist of processed woody material and municipal solid waste diverted from landfills. 

Municipal Solid Waste producers are interested in diverting their waste. This project would reduce methane gas emission from the landfill diversion, and the woody biomass can be used to produce a carbon neutral alternative energy that can replace coal and natural gas.



Chief Executive Officer / President

Melissa Minks


Phone: +1 780 913 0586

Chief Operations Officer

Albert Klyne


Phone: +1 780 293 8214

Chief Finance Officer 

Richard Seto


Phone: +1 403 620 1780

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