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Albert is a Métis born and raised in Northern Alberta, where he started a career in the oil well drilling industry in 1969. Albert currently resides in Kinuso, Alberta and serves as the C.O.O of the First Indigenous Biomass Future Inc. (FIND Biomass) 
Albert’s duties include the day-to-day operations and assists in making decisions on the purchasing, acquisitions or development of new entities and equipment. 
The past 40 years Albert has managed and operated the following businesses and operations: 

2 Drilling Rigs, Tire Recycling Company (which can Recycle the World’s Largest Mine Tires), Oilfield Consulting firm with up to 30 consultants, Pine Shake Operation with up to 150 employees, Landfill and Recycling facilities. 




Training Iranian Nationals

Training Iranian Nationals to operate and be the first fully Iranian employed drilling rig in Iran.

Assisted the Barbados National Oil Company to purchase all oil wells in their country from Mobil Oil and trained their nationals to manage and develop their own oil. This was a $24,000,000 project and took 2 years to complete.

Assisted in forming and set up the Canadian Native Oil Corporation consisting of 40 Bands from Sask, Alberta, B.C. and N.W.T. This venture failed due to the 2-year rotation of Chiefs and Councils.

Active member of the Construction, Renovation and Demolition Waste Reduction Advisory Committee sponsored by Alberta’s “Action On waste” which had a mandate to divert waste from landfill, some products that were successfully recycled Concrete, Biomass, and Scrap tires. The Biomass consisted of 30% of a class 3 landfill and Albert was successful in diverting, processing, and recycling 100% of this Biomass to the marketplace into several different products, Compost, Wood Fiber Roads (a Patented Product). Mulch and Chips for Landscaping, absorption of Hydrocarbons in the Oil and Gas Industry, as well as a Fuel for Heat and Power Boilers. 

Albert has been a director of various private owned companies, as well as past Director of Business Assistance for Native Alberta Company’s (BANAC), Director of Alberta’s Aboriginal Business and Professional Association and Economic Development Officer of the Parkland County Metis Local # 71.

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