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Stool Bed Facility

High Yield Afforestation/ Biomass


To develop sustainable opportunities in the Energy and Environmental sectors with the partnership and support of First Nation Communities, Band Members, and Indigenous and other like-minded Businesses.

To support the fight against climate change by growing hybrid trees for reforestation, afforestation, and remediation to help filter carbon dioxide in the air.


 To provide employment and skills training to indigenous individuals and communities.

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Poplar Stool Bed Facility
  •  Currently we have 60,000 1st year stool beds planted

  • 8 different popular and willow species. Each species is suited for different regions and conditions through out Alberta.

  • 2021 we are expanding the nursery by an additional 60,000 to meet upcoming demands.

  • FIND Biomass has the support of the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada who has years of research in the development of the hybrid trees, plantations, and monitoring.

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Tree Planting

Short Rotation Woody Crops

Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) and Canadian Forest Services of Natural Resources Canada have years of research in the development of the fast growing hybrid trees, plantations, and afforestation monitoring. CWFC specifically developed the short rotation woody crops to produce feedstock for energy conversion and to maximize carbon sequestration. FIND Biomass has transferred this knowledge to develop large scale plantations and afforestation projects for the same purpose.


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Biochar is being investigated as a means of carbon sequestration, and it may be a means to mitigate climate change. It results from processes related to pyrogenic carbon capture and storage (PyCCS). Biochar may increase the soil fertility of acidic soils and increase agricultural productivity.

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